Why style with TrimSafe?

Consumer Demand

“Consumers want safety, simplicity, trust and indulgence in response to rising stress and uncertainty.”
— Datamonitor, New Developments in Global Consumer Trends, April 16, 2007

As a beauty professional, you want your salon or barbershop to be an oasis in your client’s day—a relaxing experience away from the stress of their everyday lives.  When you address your clients’ growing concerns about safety, you add to the quality of their experience—increasing your return business, and boosting your bottom line.

Professional Compliance

Cosmetology Boards throughout the country and around the world insist hard, sharp-ended equipment be sterilized thoroughly in between uses, and recommend use of disposable equipment whenever possible.  The time constraints of packed appointment books and the cumbersome nature of changing blades can make compliance difficult. But disposable, one-time use TrimSafe makes it easy.  And the high performance, patented stainless steel blade delivers precise results and amazing style.

Dollars and Sense

How much would you pay for safety, client satisfaction, and great performance? At less than 50 cents per client, TrimSafe offers a great investment to ensure your success.



Open the safety-sealed TrimSafe package and remove the break-away protective bar in front of your client so they see the razor is for use on their hair ONLY.








CAUTION: Keep away from children.  After use, wrap blade with tissue and dispose of properly.  For single-use ONLY.